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Richard is proud to offer a range of services tailored to the needs of every individual. Below, you’ll find the attractive rates he offers for each service.

Strength and Conditioning - POa

This extensive programme includes pre- and post-performance testing. Other features include:

  • In- and Off-Season, Sports-Specific Programmes
  • Injury Prevention and Corrective Exercise Programmes
  • Recovery and Regeneration Programmes
  • Field- and Gym-Based Sessions
  • Dedicated Strength and Conditioning Support (Including Supervised Sessions)
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Nutrition Advice

Personal Training

Starter Plan

30-Minute Consultation- FREE

Bronze – £240

  • Generalised Nutritional Plan
  • Generalised Fitness Plan
  • Five sessions (Inclusive)

Silver Plan – £375

  • Personalised Fitness Plan
  • Personalised Nutritional Plan
  • Ten sessions @ 2 per week (Inclusive)

Gold Plan – £525

  • Personalised Health and Fitness Plan
  • Detailed Nutritional and Supplement Plan
  • Fifteen sessions @ 3 per week (Inclusive)

Nutrition Plan – £100

  • Consultation
  • Customised Nutritional and Supplement Plan
  • Personalised Shopping List
  • Online Tracking to Measure Progress
  • Weekly Check in and accountability with Coach

Online Personal Training – start from £180 per month (minimum 3 months)

  • Diet Plan
  • Training Programme
  • Accountability Plan

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