8 ways to stop cravings

You know that moment when you would give anything to eat something sweet or salty? This can be one of the most difficult situations to face with when trying to change your lifestyle to a healthy one. We are all food addicts, our brain is biologically made to ask for food. However, we can make the difference between being hungry and having cravings and we can control these cravings.

The difference between being hungry and having cravings

You might have noticed that if you are hungry you will eat practically anything, but when you feel a craving you will go for something specific. Hunger is a natural need and it can be satisfied by just eating food until full. Once you have accomplished this need you will stop eating.

Having a craving is not a natural calling, on the other hand. Cravings can be a result of emotional needs. As you might know already, when you crave you tend to eat a comfort food, like sweets or fast food. This will make you feel good at first and guilty later on. The good news is that emotional eating can be controlled if you understand what your actual problem is and if you do something to solve that problem.

Looking for even more good news? According to a 2009 study from University College London  it takes you between30 to 60 days to lose a habit. Hence if you stick to your healthy life style and use some of tips from this article, cravings will pass with time.

Tips to help you take over the control on cravings

1. Meal plan

Try as much as possible to schedule your meals for every day of the week. You can prepare a hearty breakfast & make sure you eat healthy proteins at dinner. It will give you energy and it will keep you full. Also, it helps to include fibre in your diet, by eating vegetables and fruits or cereals high in fibre.

2. Learn about the nutrients you need

When you go on a diet, certain foods will disappear from your menu. At this point you will probably start craving for some of those food groups. This is nothing else but your body telling you that you are lacking the right type of nutrients. My recommendation is to make sure you have a balanced diet, eat as much as possible natural foods instead of processed ones and get your nutrients from all healthy food groups rather from supplements.

3. Clean your pantry, fridge and cupboards

When you have a stack of sweets in your cupboard or a frozen pizza in your freezer you will be more tempted to give up to cravings. So, the first thing you should do when you change the way you eat is to remove any temptations from your house. And if you feel like snacking, stock your fridge and pantry with healthy snacks like nuts, fruits or vegetables.

4. Emotional eating

When we are stressed, our body craves more than it does usually, especially for women. This phenomenon can strike anytime, but you must be strong and eat only when you are actually hungry. You must not abandon yourself and you should embrace your beauty by giving up on damaging habits.
5. Drink water

Often we don’t understand exactly the signals of our body and this is one of the cases: thirst is confused with hunger or food cravings. So, before you start eating, drink a large glass of water and you will see that the urge is going to disappear. You can check out my latest blog article where I discuss about the benefits of drinking water.

6. Sleep

It is proven that if you don’t rest properly, you will feel hungrier the next day. Lack of night time sleep is linked to lower resistance to junk food cravings. So scoring some rest can improve your resistance to cravings.

7. Distance yourself from what you are craving for

When you feel like snacking on junk food or sweets, go for a run or a walk. Become more active. Even a shower is a good idea. You trick your brain to think on something else and by changing the environment you can stop the craving.

8. Indulge from time to time

Yes, you read well! Changing your lifestyle to a healthy one shouldn’t make you feel like you are on a constant punishment. Choose a day per week when you can indulge. Just make sure you don’t transform this in an all-day junk food day. There are so many healthy versions of the foods you crave out there … and best of all, most of these taste even better than the original junk foods.
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