6 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Your Workout

You’ve probably been to your gym and you have seen others working out with resistance bands. You might have already used these in different classes. But are you aware of the benefits you can get when using the resistance band while exercising? 

Some believe that these should be used only for stretching. Others say that these are great for improving your strength if you are a beginner and you don’t want to use weights yet. While there is some truth in these opinions, there is more to these bands than you might think.

There are huge benefits of using resistance bands for stretching, low resistance, physical therapy and for injuries and you will shortly find out that these workouts can actually challenge you and can be heavy duty.

Resistance bands can be used for a wide range of workouts

You can use resistance bands for basic stretching, high-intensity workouts or for classic strength training workouts. This means that you don’t need to learn a new routine. You can even use the resistance band for a full body workout which will challenge every major muscle group in your body. The workout options are endless.

It’s an affordable workout

You will not have to spend a lot to get these resistance bands, probably just around £10. I recommend getting a pack which includes bands with varying resistances. When choosing these bands, you will
find that there are different thicknesses available to purchase. The exercises will become harder if the resistance band is thicker (the thicker it is the more resistance it will have). If you don’t have much experience with these bands you will want to start with a thinner one and gradually increase the thickness.

You can use it for stretching

As I previously mentioned, resistance bands can be used for stretching as well. It will enable you to increase the range of motion and deepen the stretch as you gently move the band either away or towards your body. Using the band during stretching is also great if your mobility and flexibility are not that great.

Great for an effective workout

When you use resistance bands in your workouts you will feel an increased tension in your muscles, which makes these to contact. The more you stretch the band, the more intense the resistance gets, and the harder the exercise becomes. In simpler words resistance bands make your muscles work harder than other classical workouts.

Can be used by almost everyone

You can use resistance bands at any level, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. You just need to make sure you are using the right band for your needs. So, if you are beginner go for a lighter version and if you feel more confident you can go for a medium of heavy band. You can even use multiple bands if you want to challenge yourself.

Easy to travel with

As these bands are light weighted and don’t occupy much space in your bag, you can easily take them with you when you travel. Use them in your hotel room to work out or even in the park if you like exercising outdoors.

So, grab a band and start working out! And as always, you should ease your body into it slowly and keep it steady, but progressive. Try different workouts and make it fun!
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