Dark chocolate facts you should know more about

Like most of us you probably have a sweet tooth, which sometimes can become a problem if you want to lose weight. There are different alternatives to fight your sugar addiction and one of them is to indulge from time to time with a few pieces of dark chocolate. When consumed in moderation dark chocolate is beneficial to your health. In this article, I will discuss about the benefits of consuming dark chocolate and I will also offer you some extra facts about this treat.

Dark chocolate may contain sugar

There are a lot of articles out there talking about the benefits of dark chocolate, but not everyone tells you about the fact that dark chocolate may contain sugar as well. This type of chocolate usually is manufactured from cocoa butter, cocoa powder or solids and sugar. You can find also dark chocolate that contains vegetable oils or added fat, artificial flavours and colours. This is usually a lower quality version and you should avoid it as much as possible.

I recommend buying and consuming a dark chocolate that contains between 70% and 90% cocoa as this type of chocolate has the lowest quantity of sugar added. Also, avoid any dark chocolates that contain candied fruits/ nuts as the percentage of sugar high.

Dark chocolate is nutritious

Not all dark chocolates are nutritious, but a 70% to 90% dark chocolate contains magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus. While copper and potassium are great for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, iron can help you fight against anemia.

Dark chocolate and its health benefits

1.  Lower blood pressure

Studies also show that flavanols, which are naturally-occurring compounds found in dark chocolate, stimulate the blood flow towards the brain, thus lowering the blood pressure.

2.  Your source of antioxidants

Besides the flavanols, dark chocolate also includes natural compounds such as catechins and polyphenols. These compounds act as natural antioxidants and are beneficial for your skin as they fight against free radicals. Some studies even show that dark chocolate has more antioxidants than some fruits such berries.

3.  Controls the cholesterol

According to a study carried out by the Southern Medical Journal, on men and women, the cholesterol can be controlled when eating dark chocolate which is rich in polyphenol. The results showed that after 3 weeks of consuming this kind of chocolate, the LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) has decreased with approx. 6.5% and the HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) has increased by 9%.

How much chocolate can I eat?

Dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation. As I have previously explained even a good quality dark chocolate contains sugar. However, if you eat healthy and exercise regularly you can have a few squares from time to time. Just make sure you don’t go from a few squares to a whole chocolate bar.

In the same time if you feel like you often crave for something sweet, there might be some other issues behind your cravings. In this case, you can check out my previous article where I discuss about the difference between being hungry and having a craving and ways to take control over your cravings.
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