5 Simple Tips to Keep in Shape this Holiday Season

Winter holidays are approaching quickly and like every other year you are probably stressing out that you will ruin your diet and gain extra pounds. It’s all the excessive eating, to many Christmas parties, lack of physical activities and not enough sleeping. 

During this time your first reason for not working out and eating properly is the fact that you don’t have enough time for that. And guess what, with this excuse comes the guilt.

This year I really want to you to stay fit during the holiday season, while you are still enjoying this time. Hence, I have prepared a list of tips to keep you in shape during Christmas and New Year’s Eve time.

Ok, so first you need to know the good news. If you have been consistent with your workouts and your diet up until now, you don’t have to stress about the pounds you will get during the holidays. You will not lose your progress in 2 weeks of maybe having a few extra calories or skipping some of your workouts. So, leave you anxieties and guild aside and just make sure you follow the next tips:

1. Make sure you eat before going out

Whether you are attending the office Christmas party, a family dinner or heading out with your friends to check out the Christmas market, make sure you eat before living your house. You will no longer be tempted to eat a lot or overindulge yourself since you have already eaten.

2. Don’t skip your meals during holiday season

You should not skip your everyday main 3 meals, so you don’t have to eat more later. If you think that by skipping your meals you are making it up for the treats you’ll eat, then think again. Instead, you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner as you usually do, and indulge yourself with a Christmas treat as a snack. However always remember that treats should be in moderation.

3.  Drink in moderation

When it comes to keeping fit at Christmas, alcohol and other festive drinks seem to be everywhere and involved in everything you do, which is both a blessing and a curse. Maybe you don’t realise, but alcoholic drinks come with a lot of calories. During a night out people tend to drink at least a whole days recommended calorie intake.

I am not saying you shouldn’t drink at all, just do it in moderation. And be careful at all those cocktails as these are what can also rack up the calorie intake. Nonetheless I always say you should drink in moderation, no matter the circumstances.

4.  Don’t forget about drinking water

By now you should know this lesson. I know I have been telling you about how important it is to keep being hydrated almost every week. Flushing out the toxins and curing any unwanted hunger feelings, drinking a glass of water regularly will help you stay fit at Christmas.

5.  Set up a realistic workout routine

During holidays, it might seem difficult to make time for the gym. Instead of skipping your workouts, I suggest making a realistic plan for these few weeks. Working out for half an hour just three days a week will leave you feeling satisfied and happy, rather than being disappointed when you missed your fifth workout that the week.

And if you don’t have the time to go to your gym, set a half an hour aside for a home-workout. Could be a a HIT workout, a cardio routine or a Pilates session. It can also be a seasonal sport, like ice skating. You choose what you enjoy more.

So, you can see staying fit during the holidays isn't as hard and time consuming as you may think, so fitting in all the necessary pub trips and family dinners isn't going to be a problem. I hope my tips will help you during this holiday season and you will not feel any pressure and anxieties this Christmas.  
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