5 ways to improve your balance

Loosing balance is not something that happens only for the elder people. This is something that can affect you even if you are in your mid 20’s. This might not even be on your priority list, but you should consider improving your balance as this is vital for your body to function in an efficient way. If you wonder how you can improve your balance and avoid the risks that come with the loss of balance, like falling and injuring yourself, check out the below recommendations:

Standing on one leg

You can practice this exercise while you are at home, when you are relaxing outside or at the gym. What you need to do is to hold the pose on each side for 30 seconds. At first it will be challenging, however after a few days of exercising you will feel the difference. 

Strength training

According to a study conducted in 2014, “ageing is associated with a progressive decline in overall muscle strength. Loss of lower limb strength leads to an increased risk of falls and a sedentary lifestyle.” The same study shows that people who carry out strength training will show massive improvements in lower limb strength, which can then lead to balance enhancement. As balance can deteriorate from your mid 20s and can become a real problem as you age, I strongly recommend considering at least a few hours / week of strength training.

Use the exercise ball to improve your balance

There are a number of ways you can use the exercise ball to improve your balance like: starting with your arms by your sides and your feet on the floor, then lift and extend your right leg while raising your left arm to shoulder height. Return to a sitting position, then do the same on the other side. Repeat 10 times.

Did you know that even by sitting on an exercise ball you can challenge your core muscles and balance? However, don’t overdo it by changing all your chairs in the house with exercise balls … there are no benefits in doing that and it will not be comfortable either.


You might wonder how can anyone master those yoga poses? You might not even try it because of your lack of balance. Like any other sport’s activity, it takes practice, time and patience to achieve these results. What you should know is that while you hold in these poses you will improve your flexibility and strengthen and stretch your tight muscles while challenging your static and dynamic balance skills. Even more important, you will also learn how to find a positive balance for your mind and brain.

Simple day-to-day activities

You might already engage in different activities that can improve your balance and you didn’t know. From walking and biking to choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, these are some activities that will strengthen your lower body muscles and improve your balance. Even when you are having your meal you can improve your balance, by pulling the chair up to the table as close as possible. This will make you sit as straight as possible and will pull your

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