Simple Ways to Improve Your Fitness and Health in the New Year

We are quickly approaching the end of the year and of a decade. Now it’s the time to reflect on your achievements and to think about your goals for the next year. Maybe even start filling your resolution list? 

I know that a resolutions list sounds annoying and overrated and that is maybe because by mid-March we stop trying to accomplish anything. A year passes by, you make another list, you try some new things and soon you stop again. To help you overcome this and jumpstart a healthier body and mind in the new year, I have made a list with some simple lifestyle tweaks you can actually follow.

My focus in this article will be on the ways you can change so you can improve your health, fitness, reduce stress levels and feel fantastic in 2020. So here is my list:

1. You should set small and achievable goals

What you need to understand is that improving your health and fitness can only be done on the long run. No shortcuts, no miracle diets. If you want your results to last you need to take it step by step. Set up small and achievable goals and you will actually see a progress in no time. And guess what … once you see progress, it will motivate you to continue this journey and to even achieve larger goals.

2. Start with short workouts

Especially if you are a beginner, you can easy your way into working out by adding short training session into your day to day activities. It can be 15 minutes of exercises during your break at work, 20 minutes of a brisk walk in the afternoon, or even a short workout session at home. Once you will realise that even these short workouts will improve your energy, you will want to shortly increase the time you spend exercising.

3. Drink more water

Here’s my recommendation – start your day with a glass of water. In this way, you will be hydrated and have more energy. You can still have your coffee, just try to have it mid-morning, after your breakfast.

4. Add more vegetables into your diet

Whether you want to improve your health, slim down or even get fitter, you should add more vegetables to your meals. Wonder why? Here’s just a simple example. Veggies such as avocado, tomatoes, kale, and spinach have antioxidants that are known to help reduce inflammation and have the ability to protect your vital organs such as your brain. These nutrients are also key drivers for optimal brain functioning and mood stability.

Moreover, a diet rich in vegetables ensures that right levels of fibre in your body. Fibre is not only important for keeping blood-sugar levels in check, but for digestive health, too.

5.  Less multitasking

According to mindfulness expert Pedram Shojai, author of The Art of Stopping Time, "If your focus is fragmented, you'll likely find yourself getting anxious as new items come up when old ones are still incomplete". Instead, you can organise your activities into chunks of time, such as kid time and cooking time, and then "commit to being focused in those allotted minutes and see what happens."

6. Focus only on positive thoughts

When you try to improve the quality of your life, your mental strength can play a big part in making your decision. If you want to succeed in this journey, you need to control your thought process.

Create personal affirmations to help you overcome those difficult moments. It can be something like:
  • My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.
  • I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
  • My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity.
  • I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.

Write these on post-its and place them on your fridge; on your phone; or on your laptop. Have these around you so you can read them when the times are hard.

7. Go to be a bit earlier

Getting a good night sleep can help you improve productivity, you will have more energy and it will improve your performance in gym. You shouldn’t deprive yourself from a good night sleep, as this is when your body repairs itself and it recharges for the next day. As it can be difficult to set and earlier hour to go to sleep, you could try to go to bed 10 minutes earlier. You will start to see improvements soon.

I hope this article will inspire you to make a few small changes in your life to improve your health, fitness and life quality overall. Make sure you set clear and achievable goals and focus on making small changes.
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