How to track your fitness progress?

Tracking your weight loss and fitness progress is essential to achieving your goals. It will keep you motivated to strive for better results, as it shows you how far you have come. 

The best way to keep track of your progress is to record everything from day one. In this way you will have a baseline you can compare against and you will know where you have to improve.

How to track your fitness progress?

An effective tracking of your progress is not just about standing on a scale and measuring your waist. You need more indicators in order to be able to measure and improve your fitness achievements.

1. Take pictures

Before and after pictures will show you exactly how your body is changing. Make sure you take pictures from different angles (front, back and sides) and try to wear the same clothing if possible in all pictures so you can see the comparison better.

Take a picture before you start your fitness and diet plan and then continue taking a photo every month. You will shortly see a big difference between the pictures and it will surely empower you. Also try to take the picture at the same time of the day, as you body does change through the day. I recommend in the morning.

2. Measure your waist, hips, thighs and biceps

Measuring your waist, hips, thighs and biceps will give you an accurate image of your body composition. What you need to understand is that while you step onto a scale you might see a drop of weight today and maybe an increase in a few weeks. This can be frustrating, however it could be just because you lost fat and you gain more muscles. While muscles weigh less than fat, these also take less space than fat. So when you measure your waist, hips, thighs and biceps you will have a better idea of how you body is changing.

You can measure your body using a tape measure and you can chose if you want to take measurements every couple of weeks or once per month. Again just make sure you take the measures at the same time of the day.

3. Record your meals

If you want to see any fitness progress you need to also have a healthy and balanced diet plan. The best way to ensure you are making healthy choices when you eat is to plan all your meals and snacks.

Tracking your food can help you identify where you can make healthy food swaps. An easy way to record your meals is to use a mobile app, like My Fitness Pal. Now, whenever you eat something, you need to put it into My Fitness Pal.

I’d suggest for the first few weeks, you plan your day’s eating the night before if possible, just so you don’t get to the evening and either see that you have loads of food to eat, or that you’ve already gone over and are still hungry.

4. Record your workouts

Logging a workout journal is one of the simplest and most effective ways to track your training progress and compare with previous workouts. This way you’ll know if you’re getting stronger. Moreover, as you see your consistency increasing over time, you will be motivated not to break the chain.

When you record your workouts you can write down what type of workouts you have done each day, which part of your body you have trained, or how long you have spent / training session. Again you can find so many apps on your phone where you can keep a track of your progress.

5. Track how much water you drink

Aside tracking the food you eat and your workout progress, it’s important to track how much water you drink everyday. This actually can help you stay hydrated and make you reach your daily goals. Strive for you 2 L of water and make sure you record how much you drink every time.

6. Use a sleep app

A good night sleep is essential for your body to recover from your workouts and it gives you the energy you need to carry out all your activities through the day. Poor sleep increases your body’s levels of inflammation and contributes to the development of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

You can keep track of your sleeping habits through fitness trackers, such as FitBit or apps like Beddit. In this way you will see your sleeping pattern and you will know if you need to focus more on resting your body.

Now that you know how you can track your progress, you will probably think … well it will take me ages to do this everyday. Well, it might take you a bit longer for the first few days, until it becomes a habit. Moreover, once you start seeing the actual changes (through your records) you will be motivated to carry on with your fitness and diet journey. It will make your workouts more enjoyable and most important it will make you feel more confident.
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