Zottman Curls for Bigger and Stronger Arms

Dreaming of bigger & stronger biceps and forearms? Then you should consider the Zottman Curls. This exercise is not so popular; however, it’s becoming more and more used as it stimulates a wider range of muscles in the arm than most of the traditional exercises. If you want to pump your arms I recommend reading this article to learn how to perform the Zottman Curls safely and effectively.

About Zottman Curls

This dumbbell lift, was invented in 1880s by George Zottman and it is a hybrid curling movement consisting of elements of the basic bicep dumbbell curls and reverse-grip curls.
The concentric phase of this lift uses the generally stronger biceps brachii muscle as its primary mover.

The eccentric phase of this lift enhances the use of the forearm muscles. The overload on the muscles of the forearm during the eccentric (lowering) portion of this curl may be enhanced as a result of the potentially greater loads and contribution of the biceps brachii's. From a safety standpoint, the Zottman Curls may be preferable to other more commonly used forearm exercises especially different varieties of wrist curls. However, this exercise technique can be awkward for lesser experienced lifters. Rotating the wrists in an uncontrolled or ballistic manner at either transition phase of this lift may result in wrist injury.


This exercise is recommended for any sport or physical activity in which lower arm strength and stability is vital such as, volleyball, power lifting, combative sports, and tactical situations. It is recommended that this lift be performed by itself or following multi-joint movements requiring optimal grip strength.

Benefits of the Zottman Curls

  • As it gets the blood pumping, this is a great exercise for warming up. 
  • You can also perform the Zottman Curls at the end of your workout as a burn out set
  • Increases grip strength 
  • Very effective for forearm development

Check out this video where I show you how to perform this exercise safely and correctly. 

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