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A Guide to Losing Your First 10lbs 

With the demands of hectic work and social lives, it is often diet that gets neglected. This guide offers your a few basic principles like:

  • How many meals you should eat / day
  • Why you should eat more fats and proteins
  • Some examples of how a days menu can look
  • Info on the supplements you need
  • And some quick tips to lose fat and gain muscle

you should include into your existing healthy eating plan, so you can reap the rewards as you progress towards your health and fitness goals.


Join my free 30 minutes consultation and I will help you to build a strong and healthy body. As part of your initial consultation, I will discuss with you about your goals, limitations, previous exercise history, and current lifestyle. Then, I will develop a uniquely tailored fitness appraisal before presenting you with a report that outlines your results and future recommendations.



Fitter and healthier than I ever have been

"I used to go to the gym, do some training but not really have any set goals. I would try different programmes etc. I then began training with Rich and have been now for two years. Rich taught me from the basics of training and worked to a plan that was suited to me and my lifestyle. Rich has taught me the correct lifting techniques, stretching and has helped me become stronger and much fitter and healthier than I ever have been. Not only we did Strength & Conditioning programmes but also able to incorporate boxing training into my sessions. The best thing I have gained from training with Rich is his knowledge, without this guy I would never got this far in improving my fitness. Rich has always been there to motivate me and pushed me to reach my goals!!! I highly recommend Rich to anyone who can relate to the situation I was in or if you want to just improve your fitness this is the guy to help you achieve it!!!!"

Simon B

Rich Levy Performance