Fat Burn Secrets - A diet & workout guide to help you slim down in a healthy way

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Every time you look into the mirror, you might be wondering why people out there are having a nice summer body with full confidence while you are still struggling with your recent-up-sized t-shirt. You might even be wondering, are you going to be like them one day? Is there any chance for you to change?

Slimming down is good, but slimming down healthily is the key point here. I want you to look into your health first instead of focusing on all the crazy diet plans and exercise regimes. 

For this reason I have created the "Fat Burn Secrets" eBook. It will teach you through a correct diet and workout plan how to slim down in a healthy way and how to avoid the Yo-Yo effect. 

This eBook includes:

1. The secrets of fat-shedding die.

2. Fat burn mantra & how to eat like a celebrity.

3. Easy fat killer techniques.

4. What is the Yo-Yo effect and how to fight it. 

5. The benefits of yoga for fat burning and a workout plan for beginners.

6. List of fat-pumping foods to avoid.

7. Fat burn supplements list & a detox plan