Discover the secrets to muscle growth, supreme strength and a healthy diet

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How to Eat for Size, And Why it Really MattersHow to Eat for Size, And Why it Really MattersHow to Eat for Size, And Why it Really MattersIn order to grow, you need to exercise more and eat more protein. When you do this, you start to build more muscle and you see yourself constantly increase in strength. But over time, you start to notice that you aren’t seeing change as quickly as you’d like.

That’s when you start to read into training and learn that the best way to build muscle is to lift heavy and for fewer reps. You need to focus on compound lifts so that your strength gains are ‘functional’ and you should support that with a healthy, ketogenic diet. 

Throughout this eBook I will share with you some of my secrets to grow muscles, improve your strength and maintain a healthy diet.

This eBook includes:

1. How hypertrophy works.

2. Ways to train for power through functional strength workout.
3. How to train if you want to increase your muscle size.
4. All you need to know about powerbuilding and cardio for strength building.
5. How to eat for size and why it matters.

6. Why resting and recovery is so important for your muscle growth.

7. A complete guide of supplements.

8. Some other advanced methods to increase the workout intensity.

9. How to stay ripped when getting bigger.

10. A complete program for power and increasing size.