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Have a read of some of my testimonials below, I strive to meet your goals and together we can make them a reality.

"I have been training with Rich for 12 months now following a chronic illness diagnosis and was advised on fitness being a key element in managing my illness. Rich has played a major role in getting my fitness to a level where I am now controlling my disease and not the other way around!"

James Mulchinock

"Rich has been doing my S&C programme for about a year and I am very pleased with the results. His programme has made me stronger than ever and the results are clear to see in my training performances. Sessions always consist of interesting & challenging exercises with a specific purpose in mind. Highly recommend!"

Katrina Wootton

 Middle/Long Distance Runner

"I came to Richard in hope he could help me over my back injury which threatened my boxing career. He did this with a stretching routine and now my back is as good as ever. We also work on my strength and containing and I can honestly say my over all strength has vastly improved. Someone as knowledgeable as Richard in my Team is vital as he can bring out the very best in me which then shows in my performance. I fully recommend anyone looking to improve in there chosen field to hook up with this man"

Troy James

Coventry Based Professional Boxer

"Richards sessions have helped me to develop more mobility, stability, power and speed over the last year of training with him. As a fighter Richards sessions have helped me to maintain sufficient intensity for the duration of my fights. Richard has a deep understanding and knowledge in fields of strength and conditioning and human development, he is a excellent motivator and is patient and consistent with all his clients. I would highly recommend Richard if you want to take your training to the next level and reach your full potential"

Michael Green

Coventry based Professional Boxer

"I have worked with Rich for two years now, he is an extremely professional colleague with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in multiple fields. He is an extremely versatile strength and conditioning coach who has always displayed a willingness to progress professionally to benefit himself and his clientèle. Upon working alongside him as a colleague I would highly recommend his professional advice and training expertise."

Nick Fowler

Strength and Conditioning Coach

"Having worked with Rich as a colleague and having him help me in my training, I genuinely only have good things to say about Rich. Passionate, knowledgeable and communicates well. Would fully recommend Rich to anybody seeking expertise in this area."

Adam Flannigan

    Strength and Conditioning Intern

"Rich was my strength and conditioning coach for rugby whilst I was in my final years at school and I don't think there is anything this guy can't do! He got me leaner, faster and stronger within weeks. He also fit our training times around what I could do. Being at school it was limited. He taught me Olympic lifting and within months I had the technique down cleaning my body weight. Rich also taught me the basic techniques in your compound movements, bench, deadlift, squat etc, so I could see where other people were going wrong just by looking at them, which in turn improved my own techniques! I had a few hamstring problems from rugby and Rich set out a goal to cut them out and through our training that's exactly what he did with Hamstring specific work, putting them under tension in different ways. Not only did Rich improve my performance in the gym but also out on the field with sports specific agility work and sprint training, improving my sprinting technique, speed and endurance. There is not a bad thing I have to say about him, if you are looking for a S&C coach, don't look any further, Rich is your man!"

Mitch Cook

       Rugby Player

"I used to go to the gym, do some training but not really have any set goals. I would try different programmes etc. I then began training with Rich and have been now for two years. Rich taught me from the basics of training and worked to a plan that was suited to me and my lifestyle. Rich has taught me the correct lifting techniques, stretching and has helped me become stronger and much fitter and healthier than I ever have been. Not only we did Strength & Conditioning programmes but also able to incorporate boxing training into my sessions. The best thing I have gained from training with Rich is his knowledge, without this guy I would never got this far in improving my fitness. Rich has always been there to motivate me and pushed me to reach my goals!!! I highly recommend Rich to anyone who can relate to the situation I was in or if you want to just improve your fitness this is the guy to help you achieve it!!!!"

Simon B

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