Reach Your Fitness Goals – Hire a Skilled Personal Trainer in Coventry, West Midlands

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Personal Trainer in Coventry, West Midlands

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Reach Your Fitness Goals – Hire a Skilled Personal Trainer Coventry, West Midlands

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Improve Your Health

The road to health and fitness is a long one, but you don’t have to walk it alone. Informed by a vast wealth of experience, Richard Levy offers sublime coaching services designed to help you increase your sport and exercise performance, lose weight, and achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Contact Richard today, in Coventry, West Midlands, for the unbeatable services of a personal trainer and fitness coach.

About Richard

Richard Levy is a professional personal trainer and fitness coach. Based in Coventry, West Midlands, Richard is on hand to help you meet your sport performance, health, and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build muscle, get toned, increase your strength, or enhance your athletic performance, Richard has the knowledge and skills needed to support and motivate you to achieve the results you desire. With a high success rate, Richard frequently receives positive feedback from clients. Take advantage of his personal services today to see the results for yourself.

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I took my son to see Rich when he was 13 years old because he had been having niggle injuries for a couple of years. It had been hindering his performance and progress whilst training and playing football, he was also in constant discomfort.
After only a few seasons his mobility, balance and strength was starting to improve. After the first 6 week course he was training and playing without discomfort and much improved movement.
He has now completed 4 cycles with Rich and he is now completely injury free. His strength, mobility and his overall conditioning is unbelievable. He is now enjoying his sport again and his confidence is sky high. 12 months ago he couldn't even play a full game, now he doesn't miss a minute on the field.
He has since been scouted and made captain of the team!!
Top job Rich, we can't thank you enough.
I would recommend his services to everyone

Stuart & Archie

Rich has helped me progress throughout my training, always very friendly and approachable. He has been able to show me specialist exercises for my shoulder due to recently undergoing surgery. His vast knowledge on dieting and food intake has really benefited me.

Alex Price

Having worked with Rich for several weeks, I have noticed a real improvement in my progress in the gym. Rich has offered nutritional advice and support throughout to help me set and achieve my goals. There’s nothing false about Rich and he is sure to keep you motivated but also give you achieveable expectations which are real and something to be proud of. I feel better all round and am looking forward to continuing with Rich!


Rich has been fantastic. Always welcoming at the gym and gives great tips and pointers. It has really helped to improve my performance in the gym and really activate the muscle i want to be working. His knowledge is great and i would highly recommend.

Declan Price

As someone who is totally new to going to the gym & struggling with the effects of fibromyalgia. Rich made me feel very welcome, listened & understood my issues & has been a great support with not only helping me understand how to build up my body strength, but also how to improve my nutrition. I was scared that I'd be a fish out of water, but thanks to Rich's support I feel like I can actually do this! I can't recommend him highly enough.

Zoe Bell

I have trained with Rich for a number of months now. In his field of expertise his knowledge is incredible. He is outstandingly fit himself and personally practices what he teaches. He offers warm up, warm down, healthy body maintenance, fitness and power regimes to mention a few. 5 star rating.


Had a few trainers in my time been training for best part of 20 years. Never have I had such a knowledgable trainer who has given my gains and goals so much attention.

Great guy and great service. Would highly recommend him to anyone

Amarinder Takhar

Rich was one of the best personal trainers you can ever get trained. In short even if you give up on yourself, he wont give up on you. His approach is brilliant as he spends good amount of time to understand your personal fitness goals and plans the training accordingly. His skills are not just limited to personal training. He also helps with nutrition, planning your day and many more.. He is more of a life coach, easy to talk and 100% helps in motivating to achieve your fitness goals. I can recommend Rich confidently to anyone who was looking for a personal trainer.

Vallabha Srihari

I have been training with Rich now for around two months! From our first meeting he impressed me with his enthusiasm and expansive knowledge on fitness and nutrition. He had a real knack for making me feel at ease, particularly as I had been slightly apprehensive about returning to training in a gym environment. Since working with him, I feel like my fitness, strength, and confidence has improved massively. Rich has a way of making you feel really happy with your progress without making you complacent to future improvement. All in all, he is a great guy and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve some serious fitness goals.

Peggie Mitten

I have spent the last 5 weeks training with Rich gaining an insight into weight lifting. Rich is informative, clear, friendly and helpful no matter what the question is. I highly recommend to anyone, whether you are a starter or at an intermediate level of training. Rich was above and beyond my expectations. Many thanks

Tony Williamson

I have learned more with Rich in the past two months than I have in the four years I have been training! I’ve been getting stronger by the week and more confident in my day to day training sessions

The Gym Mum

Firstly I want to say a big THANK YOU to Rich!!
As a personal trainer myself, I was lacking motivation and structure (yep it happens to us too!). Rich has put me back on my strength training path, I'm stronger both physically and mentally. I have personally and professionally gained a mentor with endless knowledge and an inspiring talent to make me want to be better. I think that's all we can really ask of a person x

Emma Hendrie

After working with Rich within part of a team and on an individual basis, i can say hes been truly professioal and a massive help with my fitness goals. Would definetly recommend Rich to anyone who is serious about becoming a more improved version of themselves 💪


Rich has been a god send. After a period of not doing much in the gym. Rich has worked with me patiently slowly building up my cardio and strength. No two sessions are the same and he knows how hard to push me. Always leave the session feeling proud of what I’ve achieved and the improvements I’ve made. Can’t recomend Rich enough. Thank you!!

Catherine Thacker

I have been working with Rich for several months now and I really enjoy all sessions. He always pushes me to work harder in the gym and also supports me with nutrition. As well as that he is always available to answer any questions I have at all times. Thanks Rich

Alexandra Cuciureanu

I play American Football and Rich helped me prevent recurring hamstring injuries and came up with a great program for me. He’s very friendly and helpful and and I recommend him regularly to my friends, especially those that specialise in a sport.

Chris Bodycote

I have worked with Rich for the past few weeks, he is an excellent trainer with so much knowledge and shows a genuine interest toward’s you and your specific needs. He helped me so much with my technique’s and other aspects within the gym. I would highly recommend him and am so grateful to have learnt from such a great trainer.

kerri wallbanks

I can not recommend Rich enough, he has helped me gain my confidence and feel in control of my body again after having my baby in March 2018. I started training with Rich six months after having my baby and starting from scratch felt daunting but with his positive attitude and his continuous support it did not take long to start noticing the differences and to feel confident again.
His training programmes were always challenging and he provided me with a number of different programmes for me to manage at home and in the gym which fitted into my lifestyle.
Rich’s knowledge and dedication to his client’s is inspiring and whenever I asked a question or was unsure about my food choices he would always respond and explain following up with me to see how my week was going, Rich was recommended to me by a friend and it was the best decision I made, I have achieved so much more than what I thought I would in such a short space of time.

kerri wallbanks

Great trainer with excellent knowledge of the fitness industry!

Jonathan J

Rich really knows his stuff has massively improved my strength and conditioning for my boxing since I have started working with him

D Nelson

I have been training with Rich for a year this month and I have gained a great coach, friend and trainer. His knowledge is incredible! My strength, fitness and overall lifestyle have improved since training with Rich. He has taught me so much, I cannot thank him enough! Aesthetically I look the best I have ever looked and that is with his help. He has taught me so many different training protocols and makes training fun. I began to train with Rich when I was in a bit of a rut with my training. As a personal trainer myself my motivation was at an all time low and he got my ‘spark back’, this transferred onto my own clients and as cliché as it sounds, my life. I can’t thank him enough for all of his support, guidance, coaching and the laughs! For anyone wanting a great S & C coach, with the knowledge, personality and results, Rich is your guy!

Anna Lewis

A truly outstanding personal trainer. Richard has coached and educated me, sharing his wealth of knowledge and provided me with the rationale behind everything we did. He has lifted me to a position where I can now act in my own accord with confidence by applying what I've learnt. He tailored his service to my personal circumstances and went over and beyond to ensure that I met all of my goals. 10/10, I would recommend to all. Thank you so much Richard.

Sufyaan Khan

Rich is one of the best performance trainers in the business I have had the pleasure of Rich helping me achieve my goals in competing in a boxing show and I was able to win the bout. He is professional committed and knowledable in a range of different sports a top trainer who shows massive enthusiasm a top bloke !!

Andy Houghton

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Rich! I’m a keen rower but find it difficult to gain strength. In 3 months Rich has identified where improvements need to be made, not just to gain short term but looking ahead too. He is diligent, caring, super knowledgable and knows exactly what needs to be done for best results. I’m getting stronger and more confident every week under his guidance and it’s beginning to show out on the water too. Thank you Rich!

Rachel Armstrong

Highly recommend Richard to anyone and everyone! He's a great guy and a great PT. Learned a lot and things have been broken down step by step. As a wheelchair athlete there are certain things I am unable to do, and Richard was able to tailor the programmes to my needs, thus allowing me to work all muscle groups around what I am able to do. All in all, 5 stars.

Vince C

After 15 years training & then coaching martial arts i picked up the dreaded back injury. After working with physios i found that i was still struggling to return to normal training. Rich helped me massively in bridging this gap, with a rehabilitation and then onto a strength and conditioning program to keep it in check.

Highly recommended !

Mark Suffolk

I started training with rich in July. After years of "dieting" and getting no where I needed someone to teach me what to eat, when and how to train to get the most out my workouts as I was so clueless in the gym! After a 5 week training plan and monitoring of my diet I lost pounds and inches...following this, I now work closely with rich to continue a healthy diet and improve in the gym to get to my goal. I can't recommend him enough, he is highly intelligent in his field and pushes me to work harder. He's not the guy that just shouts at you to push harder but educates you on form to maximize sessions and minimize risk of injury. He's also a really nice guy 👍 I couldn't have got this far without him and I can't imagine continuing my journey without him! He's truley the best and will get you where you want to be!!

Tara Gracelle

I have been training with Rich on a strength and conditioning programme for around 3 months. Rich has gone right back to basics with me and helped me understand the fundamental importance of stretching and flexibility and I have incorporated these movements into my regular gym programme, with positive results thus far. I did used to regularly attend the gym, but now, thanks to the guidance of Rich, I am now much more focused in terms of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my body, and am therefore now able to train much more efficiently. I am looking forward to the next stage of my development with Rich, whereby I am seeking take my training to the next level by obtaining further gains in speed, power and all round fitness. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone seeking to improve their fitness and overall quality of life. He is a specialist in his subject area, and is a great motivator and communicator.

Amar Jandoo

After couple of month with injury and being out of training I was in no shape to be ready for the cricket season. Within a space of 8 weeks rich got me back into shape and ready for the season. He emphasized on cricket related strength & conditioning exercises. He also helped me building mental toughness with his never give up attitude. The diet plans he offered were amazing and helped me to shed those extra kilos within a space of 8 weeks. I am looking forward to the next phase already. A very special trainer for sports fitness.

Amrinder Singh Brar

I've been working with Richard for two years now. As well as the progress we have made in the gym, I've really enjoyed learning more about S&C from him and he has always designed our training sessions with input and feedback about how it affects my sport (archery) from me. The sessions are extremely well designed to fit a good selection of exercises into a 1 hour slot while leaving me feeling fresh and strong at the end, rather than drained and achy! I highly recommend working with Richard.

Tom Hall

I know Rich as he was Strength & Conditioning coach of this years Warwickshire Hurling team of which I was captain of.
Rich is a top quality coach and very approachable.
He always commanded a high level of intensity in his gym group sessions. And he always took the time to ensure everyone had the correct form in the exercises.
Rich is very much into stretching and improving your core strength for injury prevention as well as over all strength and power.
In our games we always finished strongly and that was due in part to our superior fitness to the other teams. We ended up winning our championship final. Rich had a large part to play in that.
I would strongly recommend Rich to any individuals or sports teams looking for a Strength & Conditioning coach or personal trainer.

Donncha Kennnedy

Rich, my man!!! I always feel great after a work out with Rich, he pushes me to make sure I get the best from each and every work out.
His technical knowledge and experience is so inspiring and motivating!
Thank you for all your help :)

Amy Okeeffe

My experience with Rich was based around his work with a young endurance athlete. His approach was thorough and detailed and the resulting programme was well explained, appropriate to the age of the individual and extremely beneficial. He's enthusiastic and approachable and I'd have no hesitation in recommending him.

Vince Clisham

Rich is a very experienced and friendly trainer with an amazing knowledge of exercise and sports performance. He helped me to learn to olympic lift where other trainers had failed, whilst also improving my sporting performance and reducing my injury rate. Rich is not only a first class trainer but also a great person and I would highly recommend him to anyone


An experienced and very knowledgeable personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach. I highly recommend his expertise and tuition.

Vince Amoah

Phenomenonal trainer! I've been using Richard for a few months now and I'm very pleased with his level of knowledge and professionalism. The workout plan has been fantastic, in such a short time frame I've noticed a change in my physical appearance and increase of energy. So early on he identified I needed to work on my mobility and flexibility which has helped massively with training.

Mergim Butaja

If you want to make some serious changes to your fitness, Rich is defiantly the right man to help you achieve your goals!!! I was going to the gym training and not getting the results I wanted. I joined with Rich, he tailored a plan which suited my lifestyle and we set realistic goals. Starting from the basics, we have worked on strength and condition and the results have been amazing. I have gained so much knowledge on training programmes and nutrition, I would highly recommend Rich to anyone who has been in a similar situation of not really getting the correct results there after or even if you are stuck, he has a great professional work attitude and really takes his time out for each of his clients!! Thanks Rich!!

simon bhambra

Extremely knowledgeable and qualified S&C coach with a great ability to identify and tailor exercises to the individual's level and goals.

Hector Simpson

After being recommended to rich by a friend for a problem I have suffered with for a few years I was abit unsure of what to expect as I have seen so many different people about this problem. Rich simplified the problem and not only has resolved the issues but also helped me in other areas where I have struggled. Would highly recommend.

Callum Hennessy

Learnt alot and worked hard, highly recommend

Pjsportstherapy Coventry

I would highly recommend Rich as an experienced and highly knowledgeable PT. I have been seeing Rich now for over 12 months following a shock diagnosis of MS. Not only has Rich improved my general fitness, but more importantly he has taught me how to properly stretch and carry out essential mobilisation exercises before my main cardio and strength work outs.

James Mulchinock

I have been under Richards guidance for approximately 10 months and had gone to rich for training and guidance in preparation for my first ever regional powerlifting qualifier meet in march 2016. Rich has looked after me and under his guidance I am now, BPF British Raw full power champ u100kg, WPU European raw full power Champion & WPU World raw full power champion and 2nd place raw deadlift only.
All of this in my first year of competing all thanks to Richard!!

I highly recommend Rich for anyone that is serious about their health & fitness, whether you are a beginner, novice, amateur or professional athlete. Rich Levy is the man you want in your corner!!

Pjsportstherapy Coventry