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    Dark chocolate facts you should know more about

    Like most of us you probably have a sweet tooth, which sometimes can become a problem if you want to lose weight. There are different alternatives to fight your sugar addiction and one of them is to indulge from time to time with a few pieces of dark chocolate. When consumed in moderation dark chocolate is beneficial to your health. In this article, I will discuss about the benefits of consuming dark chocolate and I will also offer you some extra facts about this treat.

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    8 reasons why you should workout

    Working-out is not all about losing weight and having big muscles. It’s about improving your health, the way you feel & look and finding the confidence and power that you didn’t know you had in you. This is a long process and there will be times when you will feel like giving up. To help you in those moments I have put together a list of reasons why you should not quit and instead choose to workout.

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  • effects of stress on your body
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    The effects of stress on your body

    Stress is a biological reaction of our body towards different situations that we face with. We all had those moments of weakness, a feeling of overloading and the struggle to cope with demands. This feeling can be related to work, our relationships and every challenge that we face with and we see as a threat. Stress can be a trigger of motivation but also a source of negativity and it can affect our health on a long term.

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    8 ways to stop cravings

    You know that moment when you would give anything to eat something sweet or salty? This can be one of the most difficult situations to face with when trying to change your lifestyle to a healthy one. We are all food addicts, our brain is biologically made to ask for food. However, we can make the difference between being hungry and having cravings and we can control these cravings.

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    7 Breakfast Recipes You Need to Try

    If you are short on time, you might tend to skip breakfast. As I previously said eating breakfast has so many benefits for your health, like increasing energy levels, helps you better concentrate on your daily tasks and it helps you maintain a healthy weight. In this article, I show you how to prep your breakfast for a week and never skip breakfast again.

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    Top tips and tricks for your workout recovery

    Most of us, have a daily workout that help us maintain ourselves healthy and in shape. However, we must not underestimate the importance of workout recovery, this is as important as the workout itself. Under-recovery can have many negative effects, which in the long term, can affect our daily lives. Some of these effects include sleeplessness, negative mood, achy joints, or even a weakened immune system.

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    Easy Steak Salad Recipe

    This steak salad is so fresh, light and delicious that you will probably want to have this regularly. And it takes only 15 minutes to prep and cook this recipe.

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  • Getting Ready for a 5K Run
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    Getting Ready for a 5K Run. A Beginner’s Guide

    Getting ready for a 5K run can be challenging, especially when you are a beginner or when you want to return to running after a long time. It can also be overwhelming when you think that a 5K run is 3.1 miles (or 5 kilometres). But it’s not about the distance, it’s about a new challenge and having fun.

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    Get Back in the Game. Shape Your Body in September with Rich Levy

    Today I am launching the "Get Back in the Game. Shape Your Body in September with Rich Levy" competition, to motivate you to get in your best shape after the summer holidays.  

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  • Healthy Breakfast Recipe
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    Eggs Royal - Healthy Breakfast Recipe

    If you are looking for a healthy breakfast recipe, which is easy and quick to cook, I recommend my healthy version of eggs royal. This nutritious and delicious recipe is ready in only 10 minutes and it will give you the boost you need in the morning.

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  • 5 Benefits of Drinking Water
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    5 Benefits of Drinking Water

    You know you should drink at least 2L of water daily, but do you know why you should drink and what are the benefits of drinking water? Well, being hydrated can solve health issues such as constipation, headaches, skin health problems, kidney stones and more. 

    You would think that food, air and why not your social life are quite important for your survival. But guess what, water has major importance for a healthy life. Taking in consideration that our brain and heart is approx. 73% water, muscle and kidneys are 79% water and bone are around 31%, it’s clear you need to drink water for your body to function normal.

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    Rich Levy Performance

    richlevyperformance _ this is where the journey begins!!

    Preseason Strength and Conditioning…

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    Rich Levy Performance _ video analysis assist the self reflection process providing in depth…

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    Rich Levy Performance - For great core strength and conditioning skip the machines and floor…

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    Rich Levy Performance _ pre-season conditioning for Warwickshire Hurling GAA in full swing!…

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    Rich Levy Performance _ Warwickshire Hurling GAA coaches debrief before the squad gym based…

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  • Rich Levy Personal Trainer Coventry
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    Do you want to be stronger, stay injury free and maintain good postural alignment?

    The 45' degree back extension does the job of developing the 3 amigos; your Hamstrings, Glutes and Lower Back simultaneous improving your posterior strength. -

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    The Benefits of Eccentric Muscle Training

    Eccentric training sometimes referred to as negatives or slow reps focuses on working muscles as they lengthen and is essential for achieving strength, power, flexibility, injury prevention builds stronger joint structure, connective tissue and acts as a braking mechanism for control, stability and deceleration.

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