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    4 Tips to Get Yourself Motivated to Work Out

    Being consistent with your work out plan is not the easiest thing to do. Even if you have set a goal to lose weight by a certain date, or you have vowed that you will actually go 4 times a week to the gym from now on, sometimes this won’t be enough to motivate you to go through with your training plan.

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    Why you don’t see results from your workout and diet plan

    You’ve tried different diets, went to cardio classes, tried working out using weights, however you keep finding yourself in the never-ending cycle of hard work, lack of results and discouragement and frustration. As a result, you either keep looking for the “perfect” mix between a workout and diet plan or most often you will quit the hard work.

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    Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Veggie Frittata

    If you are looking for a new breakfast option, I recommend starting your day with this delicious and easy to make veggie frittata. It will take you 30 minutes to make it and you can experiment with this recipe by adding your favourite veggies. And if you don’t have enough time to make it in the morning, you can also bake it the evening before and have a cold or reheated slice in the morning. Here’s what you need for this veggie frittata:

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    6 Side Effects You Will Experience When You Start Working Out

    There are some side effects that can come along with starting a new workout routine, no matter if you are at a beginner level or more advanced. While you might see just the negative side effects I am here to assure you that most of these are or can be transformed into positive ones’. 

    The most important thing to know is that all these side effects are normal and you are not doing something wrong while working out. In this article I will talk about some of the side effects you will experience while training and I will give you some tips to help you overcome these situations.
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    Gluten-Free Lunch Recipe: Spicy Carrot and Cauliflower Soup

    This carrot and cauliflower soup recipe is vegan, gluten-free and full of spices. It’s a delicious and easy recipe which will warm your body and soul. Best of all this soup will contribute to your daily recommended veggie serving. Here’s what you need to make it:

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    6 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Your Workout

    You’ve probably been to your gym and you have seen others working out with resistance bands. You might have already used these in different classes. But are you aware of the benefits you can get when using the resistance band while exercising? 

    Some believe that these should be used only for stretching. Others say that these are great for improving your strength if you are a beginner and you don’t want to use weights yet. While there is some truth in these opinions, there is more to these bands than you might think.

    There are huge benefits of using resistance bands for stretching, low resistance, physical therapy and for injuries and you will shortly find out that these workouts can actually challenge you and can be heavy duty.
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    You keep hearing that the best time to work out is in the morning and that every successful person in this world wakes up before everyone else and they spend the first few hours of the day working out. While for some the early schedule works, for others it’s not as easy to hop out of bed and pop by the gym before work. If you are a part of the second category, here a few benefits you can enjoy when exercising in the evening:

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    Healthy Dinner: Beef Steak and Broccoli

    If you are looking for a healthy and easy to cook Friday night dinner, then you need to try this Beef Steak and Broccoli recipe. This delicious and nourishing meal it’s perfect for those evenings when you want to cook something quickly, without sacrificing the flavour. I would also say it’s a meal for your soul, as it’s comforting and it will definitely make you feel good. Here’s what you need for this beef steak recipe …

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Be Skipping Rope

    Skipping rope workouts have become more and more popular in the past few years. You might associate this training with children games or maybe with a workout for athletes. In reality jumping rope can do more for you than the same time you would spend jogging. 

    The main advantage of this training is that you can do it at any fitness level. Not to mention that it helps you improve your strength, endurance and speed and it’s great for losing weight as well.
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    What is Mindful Eating and Why You Should Practice It

    Mindful eating is a concept that is not practiced or considered by many people. If you wonder why … just because we leave in a stressful, multi-tasking, on the run environment. For many of us, taking a 20 minutes’ break from everything and having a quiet lunch is not a priority. Little do we know that eating while watch TV, working on a report at the office or while we run to get the kids from school, can lead to unhealthy eating habits and even health problems.

    In this article, I want explain to you why you should eat mindfully and I will give you some tips on how to start.
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    Italian Vegetable Soup with Chickpeas and Tomatoes

    You need to try this heart-warming vegan soup: it only takes 30 minutes to make it, it is packed with nutrients, it fills you up quickly and it's delicious. The best part is that this Italian vegetable soup will contribute to your daily recommended veggie serving and you will also get all the fibbers you need from the chickpeas / beans. Here’s what you need to make it:

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    What is Tabata Training and How It Works?

    If you are a fan of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), you have probably heard about Tabata Training as well. This type of workout will get your heart rate up in a short period of time and it will help you burn more calories during and after the workout in comparison with other type of training. It will also help you build endurance and it will get you into shape. 

    Like in the case of HIIT workout, you need to follow a work-to-rest ratio in Tabata Training to get the results you are looking for. For this type of workout, you will perform an exercise for 20 seconds at a high intensity and you will rest for 10 seconds.
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    Mediterranean Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

    If you haven’t had a Buddha Bowl until now, get ready to find your new favourite lunch dish. Besides being a colourful, fun and creative food, Budda Bowl is also delicious, full of veggies, proteins, grains and nutrients. Moreover, one of the reasons why this type of dish became so popular is the fact that it’s so easy and quick to prepare. Here’s a delicious recipe for a Mediterranean version of the Buddha Bowl. 

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    6 Healthy Habits to Include into Your Life

    If you want to stick to your nutrition plan and your workout routines and if you actually want to get positive results, you should create healthy habits instead of restrictions. When you focus on what you shouldn't do instead of what you should, or you focus only on negative thoughts you actually start to believe that it will be impossible to get a healthy lifestyle. 

    So, stop nagging and stop being negative if you want positive things to start happening. Easier said than done, but you can start by checking this blog article where I talk about the healthy
    habits which you should include into your life to help you change the way you think.
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    6 Steps You Should Include Into Your Post-Workout Routine

    You might think that going to gym is all you need to do in order to get in shape. Well, you should know that your post-workout routine is as important as the time you spend training. There a few steps you should consider if you want to see progress, keep healthy and avoid the risk of getting injured. In this article, I will share with you my tips on what you should do after your workout is done.

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    3 healthy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth

    Sometimes you might find it difficult to fight your sweet cravings. Especially if you often eat refined sugar foods and you try to change your diet into a healthy one. It can be difficult to go from sugar every day to no sugar in a short period of time. One way to trick your body is to slowly decrease the amount of sugar foods you consume until your body doesn’t need the sugar anymore. Another trick is to change the unhealthy desserts you eat with healthier options. You will trick your mind and you will also satisfy your sweet cravings. In this article, I will share 3 healthy dessert recipes to help you in your journey to eat healthier.

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    HIIT Workout: What it is and why you should include it in your workout plan

    High-Intensity Interval Training, also called HIIT workout, incorporates a mix of short, intense, bursts of exercises and intervals of less intensive physical activities or quick rests. If you are wondering why you should try this workout, here are couple of the many reasons:

    1. If you have a busy schedule, HIIT workout is great for you as you will spend less time in the gym
    2. The number of calories you burn will increase during your HIIT session resulting in an increase potential to burn fat, even after the workout has finished
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    Healthy Dinner Recipe: Turkey Stuffed Peppers

    If you are looking for a comforting dinner recipe to cook this weekend, I recommend Turkey Stuffed Peppers. Besides being a complete meal with protein, whole grains and veggies, it will also become a family favourite recipe. Here’s what you need for this recipe:

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    5 Benefits of Peppermint Tea You Should Read About

    If you are finding it difficult to stay hydrated every day, or you feel like having something sweet after your dinner, peppermint tea is an excellent beverage you can consume. This tea is a caffeine-free drink, so you can even have a cup before going to bed. In addition to being a delicious and soothing beverage, peppermint tea offers many health benefits, particularly if you have digestive problems, low immune system or if you feel stressed. Read on to find out about the specific health uses of peppermint tea, and why so many people laud it for its health benefits.

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    12 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

    You probably learned by now that losing weight is not just about dieting or going to gym. It’s about changing your life style by eating real food, mixing workouts, proper sleeping, drinking enough water and reducing stress. This journey is hard work and it takes a lot of dedication and patience. Especially if you are not seeing the weight loss results you are expecting. Although you may be seemingly doing the work you think you need to be doing to drop weight, there may be some key factors that are preventing you from losing the pounds.

    In this article I have listed 12 common reasons why you're not losing weight and some tips and tricks how to set yourself up for better success.
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